Hey, havn't posted in awile. Guess it's due to my busy social life, NOT. Just due to lot's of hmwk and chores. Second white out of the year down here in j-hole. skipping the second half of school tomarrow to go skiing. We had to drive home from young life in this weather. yucky. I couldn't see a thing. I got a bunch of new music on my i-pod this week. My birthday is on saturday. I'm just guna celabrate with my cusins Teal and Tracey, and my buddy Ryder. I'll try and find time to put some post on here on how that goes. It has snowed about a foot in the last five hours. More to come tonight. Mom doesn't want Ryder to sleep over again like he and i do on each others birthday. Must have something to do with age. Lol. I conviced her though that Tracey and Teal would be sleeping in the same room to, and that Ryder and I are not friends like "that". My crazy mom. Lifes good other wise. Peace out.


Just Life

Wow, my life has been crazy lately. Guess that's just life. I got some new pics on the computer. We shaved my dads head. It was awsome. I took some new pics of me. I drew a house. I might get to remodle the inside of our camper. I think i'm guna put a bunk bed in, tell me if you have any cool ideas.