I have one of those dog's. "Please control your dog ma'am." She doesn't jump up on people luckly. She does the folowing:
  1. Chase cars- Tonka follows cars out of the drive way. She bites at the weels of bikes 4-weelers and cars. She jumps in the back of any truck that her owners get in. She is that one stupid dog you almost hit on the highway in Wilson.
  2. Chase live stock- Tonka loves other animals. So much that she try's to herd other dogs, and sheep, and goats, and horses, and donkys, and lamhas. She chases birds and cats. She is the neghbors nemasis.
  3. Bites- She bites the pizza guy, she bites traceys frieneds (who are up to no good any way), she bites other dog's of course, she bites me.
  4. Barks- She is a dog she doesn't meow. She barks at cars and dogs and birds and people and any thing that moves.
  5. Plays- Tonka loves to make new friends. She is the dog who is sniffing your dogs butt as you try and walk it. She is the dog who stoll your dogs tennis ball. She is a nuisance to all living kind.

This dog is The most amazing thing on earth. I love her so much that if you hurt her I would hurt you, unless she was hurting you or you animal.

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