The Host

I may have just finished one of the most amazing books ever written. I am growing to fond of Stephanie Meyer. The Host was even better than The Giver. It was written and composed better than the Twilight Saga. I am sincerely hoping that she writes a sequel. Melanie Stryder and Wanderer are characters written with beautiful chemistry. I love the connected love circle of Jared, Melanie, Wanderer, and Ian. Few writers have such talent to make someone laugh at one chapter, and cry all over the next. I don't want to put any spoilers in here for any one. I will make this very clear - READ THE DANG BOOK. It will save any one's bad day. Books are a escape from life so that you can worry about the worse problems facing a fictional character. I very much hope to see what happens to the human race, if Stephanie writes a sequel.

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