Snow Plow

I learned how to drive a snow plow today. It was very slow. It was awesome, but slow. I found out that the two pedals on the floor are left and right. Not stop and break. I got to turn it on and off and plow some snow. I also hauled allot of hay today. We hauled some to the barn yesterday, that wasn't ours. So we had to take it back to the hay stack. Of course I got to ride on the back of the truck. Jenny had her legs hanging off the tail gait, and it was so bumpy I thought she would fall off. I actually was the one who fell off in the end, naturally of course. I learned where the trash room was beside the lodge. I cleaned the house allot. Since about 3 we've had a working fridge and a washer and dryer. Clean clothes, ya. Ranch life.

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